FC-FLIP 2016 - Archeology

This is a temporary description. A formal description is forthcoming.


The intern will their time working with the three District Archaeologists- in the Columbine, Pagosa and Dolores Districts.  The intern should have a background/major in archaeology. If possible, at least two years in the archaeology program and field school.  This person will be assisting the District Archaeologists with archaeological surveys and documentation of archaeological sites. Therefore, the intern will need to be able to hike long distances in the field over rugged terrain and potentially work up to 10 hour days on occasion.  Skills with map reading, artifact identification and writing will be very helpful and preferred. The intern may also be assisting in the District Offices helping with filing and report preparation.

To apply, visit www.mountainstudies.org/fcflip.

For more information, contact Anthony Culpepper at anthony@mountainstudies.org.  

Applications close 15 March 2016