FC-FLIP 2016 - Natural Resources

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Four Corners Federal Lands Internship

Natural Resources

The natural resource program at Mesa Verde National Park seeks to partner with FC-FLIP to recruit a student intern to both enhance park operational capabilities and simultaneously offer valuable professional work experience for a college student. The program intends to offer an intern the opportunity to perform various natural resource management operations such as data collection in accessible front and backcountry areas and data processing in the office.

Topic areas could include but are not limited to the following:

Air quality monitoring: gaseous air pollution (ozone), particulate filtering sampler (visibility), acidic wet deposition (acid rain), mercury wet deposition

Measuring river water quality parameters

Capturing birds in nets and traps, recording measurements, banding, and release

Surveying and mapping rare native plant populations and vegetative community conditions

Conducting wildlife surveys such as for owls, raptors, songbirds, feral horses, etc.

Managing automated camera systems and organizing digital photographs

Populating wildlife databases by compiling source materials from files and reports

Measuring flows of remote springs

Controlling invasive plants using the application of herbicides 

Joining a youth conservation crew conducting boundary fence repair work

Learning to use GPS and applying the data to a GIS database

Participating in other natural resource management and research projects including escorting researchers doing projects in the field.

Applications close 15 March 2016