Dave McKeever

Dave McKeever is an advocate for finding a balance between human activity and sustainable environmental health.  A lifetime resident of Southwest Colorado, Dave earned his B.A. at Fort Lewis College, a Master of Science Teaching (MST) from New Mexico Institute of Technology, and an M.A. at Adams State University.  A pre-K-12 public school educator, Dave recently retired after over three decades of teaching. He continues to pursue academic and community endeavors that will create understanding of science and awareness of how humans can co-exist to maintain a healthy biosphere.

As a scientist, critical thinking and analyzing underlying details is instinctive for Dave, as was leading school age and adult learners by example.  During school breaks he partnered with an environmental organization, bringing students to Costa Rica to protect sea turtles. Dave’s students worked with climate scientists at MSI and engaged in field work in the Silverton area. He helped develop curriculum, and was immersed in relevant, instructional practices related to all science standards.  Dave’s professional expertise also includes science instruction for pre-K-12 teachers. He served as a regional and state liaison when new Common Core State Standards were adopted, partnered with the Colorado Department of Education and other stakeholders, provided workshops and modeled hands-on lessons for educators to promote understanding of how to make instruction relevant and meaningful for learners of all ages.

Dave and his family enjoy travel; as lifelong learners they continue to choose local and global experiences that will provide a variety of perspectives and opportunities to be immersed in different biomes, ecosystems, and cultures.  Eco-travel gives them the opportunity to experience other cultures on many different continents, they make connections to Alaskan tundra, aquatic environments, the Sonoran Desert, and San Juan Mountains, continuously asking how can humans co-exist with the environment?  Actions follow with community projects such as installing solar lights in Nepal and on the Navajo Reservation through Rotary International.

Trying to live a lifestyle that embodies the balance of human activity in a sustainable way, Dave frequently retreats to the family-built modest cabin in the trees high above Silverton with its composting toilet and solar lights.  However, you’ll also find him hiking, biking, or cross-country skiing in the San Juans, bird-watching or taking pictures, always excited to share how we can continue to build the role science plays and ways we can interact and respectfully enjoy and maintain our beautiful environment.