Bridging MOuntains Network Teaching Resources

Mountain Studies Institute is dedicated to fostering understanding and exploration of San Juan Mountain science, including ecology, hydrology, forestry, climate, and social science. We hope these resources can promote curiosity and sense of place for students and teachers across our mountain communities. The Bridging Mountains Network, through shared curriculum, research and field trips, brings schools and communities together around common experiences and understanding.

Join us in spring 2019 for our first annual San Juan Resilience Summit, where we’ll share data across ecosystems and schools. Email us to learn more.



Our waterways are the veins of our communities, connecting the highest mountain basins above Silverton and Telluride to the lower valleys of Farmington and beyond. Help us understand the health of our waterways, and how they change with events including the Gold King Mine spill and 416 Fire.

Kendall Mountain Plot_SilvertonStandard.PNG


Forests cover much of our local land, from the pinon-juniper stands of our lower elevations to the ponderosa pines surround many of our towns, to the spruce-fir communities of our towering mountains. Join mountain studies in researching how our forests respond to factors including water availability, fire, insects, diseases, climate changes and land management strategies.



These lessons contain many different activities, concepts, and teaching materials that can be used either in sequence or separately as stand-alone modules. For an overview of how climate addresses Colorado State Standards, visit Learn More About Climate.