Citizen Science

Mountain Studies Institute bridges the gap between citizens and the scientific community. We empowering people of all ages and occupations to use information to make decisions and take action on issues affecting their communities and surrounding landscape. Complimentary to our mission of pursuing science that people can use, our Citizen Science program aims to equip community members with the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in enjoyable scientific research activities that increase mastery of local environmental themes while also generating data to inform sustainable community solutions.

MSI is unique in its approach to promoting citizen engagement in the scientific process by offering a variety of learning opportunities that reflect the diversity of our unparalleled San Juan Mountain living classroom. We pride ourselves in being able to offer citizens of the San Juan Mountain region a wide suite of projects in which to participate.


Past Citizen Science Programs

Citizen Scientist tutorials

MSI is developing a library of simple tutorials to practice skills specific to our citizen science projects. They are meant to be used in conjunction with a field training. 

GPS Video Tutorial for Citizen Scientists