FC-FLIP Connects regional college students and recent graduates with resource managers to gain the knowledge and skills – hands-on – of what it means to work with or for a federal agency. Whether interns, also known as Flippers, participate in natural, recreation, or cultural resource management, a major goal of the program is to better prepare the next generation of agency personnel.

This rigorous paid 11-week career-building internship program offers an outstanding opportunity to learn from professionals in the field, build skills, and gain networking contacts - all while living in a beautiful place. Each student will be paired with a natural resource scientist or manager for a 10-week internship and participate in a one week orientation/training. Students will learn, during their 10 weeks in the field, the methods used by natural resource professionals and community planners in the field and office and contribute to real-world projects.


An orientation, at beginning of the internship, a mid-term check-in, and finale presentation and celebration build knowledge, skills, and camaraderie to facilitate a successful experience. The one week orientation will include wilderness first aid training and certification, backcountry skills and safety/decision making, introduction to federal careers and application process, storytelling for scientists and managers, and the development of 21st Century Skills.

Due to the many logistics and planning requirements of this program, participation necessitates commitment to the entire program, a spirit of adventure, and the ability to work full-time in a professional setting. 

We are grateful to work in partnership with the San Juan National Forest, Bureau of Land Management - Tres Rios, Mesa Verde National Park, Fort Lewis College, San Juan College, and Southwest Community College, to develop and implement FC-FLIP. By also partnering with Southwest Conservation Corps to administer FC-FLIP, we are able to offer many interns AmeriCorps status and a 300-hour education award at the successful completion of their internship.