What is the time frame of the program?
The 2018 FC-FLIP will be run for 11 weeks during the summer. Exact dates are TBD.

Are these internships paid?
Yes! All FC-FLIP participants will receive a stipend of $4400 of the course of the 11 week program; paid biweekly. Most of the internships are eligible for an $1195 AmeriCorps 300 hour education award.

How many hours do I work in a week and is there overtime?
The internships are allotted 440 hours, full time, for the 11 weeks of the program. Actual hours worked in a week could vary depending on work load; long weeks should be expected. There is no over time for these internships and it is up to the intern to work within their 440 hour allotment. If a number of long weeks are worked, the intern will need to arrange with their mentor some shorter weeks. Yay, longer weekends to explore the San Juans!

What does a work week/day look like?
The interns will be working alongside agency professionals and seasonal employees. Many of these internships will require long days often in back/sidecountry settings during the often crazy summer weather of the San Juans. Since the internships are capped at 440 hours, it is up to the intern to manage their time in light of long days.

Can I work a second job during my internship?
We cannot stop you but do not support nor advise a second job. Your internship will be your primary employment for the 11 weeks of the program and its requirements need to trump other week day activities. We have designed the program to compensate interns, while not lavishly, so they may focus on the experience while making enough money to subsist on. You will be working hard at your internship and we highly recommend experience the wide variety of recreation in the San Juans for decompression and relaxation.

What types of positions are there?
We offer a wide variety of opportunities with the San Juan National Forest, BLM, National Park Service, and Mountain Studies Institute. These opportunities include forestry, range management, wildlife management, visitor services, archeology, cultural resources, GIS, recreation, natural resources, hydrology, fluid and solid minerals management, Federal agency budget and management, vegetation monitoring, to name a few. The program is designed to give the intern a broad range of experiences throughout the managing agency.

Who should apply?
The FC-FLIP is designed for Junior/Senior level undergrads, recent grads, and those just beginning graduate studies. We encourage all qualified students at those levels to apply. We have had successful Freshman and Sophomore undergraduates in past FC-FLIP cohorts. Regardless of education level all applicants need to exhibit maturity and high levels of self-direction.

I go to school in the Front Range should I still apply?
Yes. While the FC-FLIP is designed to provide an entry into Federal land management agencies for students in the Four Corners, we encourage those who are highly qualified, from elsewhere in Colorado or nationwide, to apply. Every year, we have several interns from CSU or CU and a couple of interns from outside of Colorado.

Is housing provided?
It depends. Some of our positions will provide the intern access to agency housing. This housing does come at a much subsidised rate. For Forest Service housing, preference is given to fire crews and should it be a heavy fire season an intern could lose their spot. We work with mentors and interns to assure adequate housing is found if available through your managing agency. Fair warning, housing in Durango is expensive. We will connect all cohort members well before the start date and encourage interns working in similar areas to share housing. If agency housing is not provided, it will be up to the intern to secure their housing arrangements.

Can I camp out for the summer?
For many of the internships, you will be! But for your day to day living needs we do not advise interns camp for the summer. Once the monsoon kicks in later in the summer, camping out loses its charm and could have a negative effect on your on the job performance.

Do I need a vehicle?
Yes. A reliable vehicle is required for all positions. While you will be provided agency vehicles while on the job, many of the Ranger Districts and Field Offices are quite far from population centers. Unfortunately, we have no real public transit here in southwest Colorado. If your internship is based in Durango, biking is an encouraged option for commuting but a vehicle will still be needed for travel to out of town locations; including orientation and training.

Do I need camping/backpacking gear?
At minimum, the intern will need a basic camping set up. We will be car camping a few nights during the training week. Interns will need to coordinate with their mentors if specialised gear is required. It is advised that all interns have the capacity for several night of backpacking.

Will college credit be given for my internship?
The program does not provide direct credit. We do encourage students to participate in independent studies while in the FC-FLIP. It will be up to the intern to make any arrangements with their institution and mentor for an independent study.

If you have any other questions, please email MSI's FC-FLIP coordinator, Jeremy May @ jeremy@mountainstudies.org.