Upper San Juan Watershed Management Project

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We are in the process of collecting information on values and concerns about the San Juan Watershed. Please read this letter before proceeding.

The Upper San Juan Watershed Management Project aims to convene a working watershed group that guides and informs a watershed assessment, then works with the community to interpret the findings and identify coordinated opportunities for projects and watershed management opportunities that are outlined in a stream management plan.


a)     Convene a steering committee and working watershed group

b)     Host public meetings to understand watershed values and identify opportunities for coordinated projects

c)      Support a data analysis and share findings with the watershed group and public

d)     Support the watershed group to develop a scope of work for a subsequent watershed assessment that can inform future projects, management decisions, and the development of a Stream Management Plan


e)     Support a needs assessment related to the identified values and share outcomes with the watershed group through regular updates

f)      conduct relevant research/monitoring associated with the forest to watershed health connection


g)      share findings of the assessments conducted during phase II with the community

h)     respond to questions/concerns/remaining gaps

i)       Identify projects and processes to support stream management with the watershed group and steering committee

Project Extent


Historic Gauge Locations

Upper San Juan Gauges

Upper Navajo Gauges

Upper Piedra Gauges



Aaron Kimple, Group Facilitator

Mountain Studies Institute Forestry Program Manager