Page Buono, M.F.A., Strategic Engagement and Communications Director

With an enduring interest in the written word, Page’s career has spanned editing an environmental publication to working in external relations for the UN Refugee Agency in Uganda. Born and raised in Durango, CO she left after high school to pursue a degree in Environmental Journalism at Western Washington University. After her fill of fresh-caught salmon and gray skies, she moved to Uganda and then Argentina. She recently received her master’s degree in nonfiction writing from the University of Arizona. During her time in Tucson, she worked for the campus’ Water, Energy & Environmental Solutions Department translating important research conducted at the University for a wide range of stakeholders. Her master’s thesis was a nonfiction collection of essays that map the Animas River from headwaters to confluence with people’s stories. Page enjoys reading, writing, rivers, mountains, and good conversation.

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