Tiffany Carlyon


Meet Tiffany Carlyon, MSI's Development and Grants Manager and yoga aficionado. 

MSI: What do you love about living and working in the San Juan Mountains?

TC: Having just moved here, it has been a dream of mine to live in the San Juan Mountains. I love being so close to nature and having such beautiful mountains, trail, and water to explore.

MSI: What kind of projects do you work on for MSI? What is your favorite project that you work on and why?

TC: I work primarily in fundraising working on donor relations and grants management. I absolutely love grant management and writing. It is such important work for nonprofits and I feel fortunate to be able to put my interests and talents to good work.

MSI: What is your most memorable, rewarding, challenging, or awkward experience from your time at MSI?

TC: Working with such great people! MSI is more than just an organization, it is a group of people that care about these mountains, our environment, and want to give back to the communities that share this wonderful area of Colorado.

MSI: What do you think is the most exciting change MSI has undergone in the last 15 years? (or in the time you've been with MSI?)

TC: I think the amount of growth that MSI has had over the past few years speaks volumes about the great work that MSI does.