Alpine Hydrology Course

alpine hydrology course

The Alpine Hydrology Course was a course held in March of 2015 to provide education and a framework for teachers, informal educators and interested parties to teach Alpine Hydrology in their classrooms. The course was attended by eighteen educators from around the Four Corners. Please see the course materials links for materials that you can use in your classroom. These materials can help you teach Alpine Hydrology in your classroom whether you were able to attend the course in March 2015 or not.


Course Description:

What do El Nino, off-road vehicle use in Moab, and alpine talus fields have in common?  Join scientists from CU-Boulder to explore  the connections between snow hydrology and the role of dust in nutrient cycling in the Colorado alpine. Learn how much water is stored in the snowpack and where to find data on current and past snowfall. Build upon this understanding with a primer on links between human activities and biogeochemical cycles, such as the nitrogen cycle, and how they affect the quality of the Colorado water supply. 

Mountain Studies Institute, in partnership with Learn More About ClimateNational Science Foundation (Award #1124576), Biological Sciences Initiative, and ScienceLIVE, is excited to offer teachers, informal educators, and interested partners a workshop opportunity to learn from expert scientist-educators on bringing the Colorado alpine into their classrooms. We are planning for this year’s Alpine Hydrology workshop to be held for a full day in Durango. Through hands-on/minds-on activities for grades 6-16, we will bring the nitrogen and carbon cycles, and the microbial communities that drive them to life.