Mancos River Restoration & Resilience

The Mancos River Restoration and Resilience Group (MRR) is a science working group formed by stakeholders with a shared interest to understand the current status of the Mancos River and identify opportunities to for restoration and building resilience in the watershed. In 2016, the Mancos Conservation District received a grant from Colorado Water Conservation Board to develop a science-based report, gather existing data, summarize the current state of the river, and identify information needs. Mancos Conservation District and Mancos River Watershed Group are compiling existing data in order to assess the resilience of the Mancos River in meeting multiple uses and values in the face of changing climate conditions. Find additional information on MRR here.

 The MRR Steering Committee guides the efforts of our collaboration: directs the collection of existing data and data gaps assessment, provides direction for the Mancos River Assessment, and assists with stakeholder engagement in the development and delivery of the report. The Steering Committee is open to anyone who would like to support its function. To volunteer, contact Page (



Drought and Change in the Mancos Watershed , Final Report


DRAFT Mancos River Resilience Report (condensed)




Session I

Wildfire in the Mancos Watershed – Becca Samulski - Presentation

USFS Activities in the Mancos Watershed – Shauna Jensen - Presentation

Fisheries and Aquatic Health – Jim White - Department of Natural Resources

Soil Health and Ranching/Farming Practicies – Travis Custer - Mancos Conservation District and High Desert Conservation District - see notes

Future Plans and Community Values - Andrea Phillips – Town of Mancos - see notes

Session II

Discussion of Direction of Report - see notes

Science Synthesis - see notes

Stakeholder Process - see notes

October 1, 2015 meeting Notes


Please send Marcie your presentation to have it attached here and made available as meeting materials.

Session I

Resilience, Climate and a Changing WorldMarcie Bidwell - presentation

Update on the Mancos River and WatershedAnn Oliver - presentation

Mesa Verde National Park Science UpdateSteve Monroe - presentation

Mesa Verde National Park - Ideas for Progress – George San Miguel - see notes

Reclamation in the East Fork – Kirstin Brown - Presentation

Riverine Ecology and the Value of the Mancos to Ute Mountain Ute – Tomo Natori - See Notes

Trout Unlimited update – Duncan Rose - See notes

Session II

Riparian & Stream Rapid Assesement – Peter Stacy and Allison Jones - See Notes