Mancos River Restoration & Resilience

Welcome to the Mancos River Restoration & Resilience Planning Group webpage.

This working group formed in the spring of 2015 with a shared interest to understand the current status of the Mancos River and work collaboratively to identify opportunities for restoration and building resilience in the watershed. 

Meetings were held in April, May, July, and September where the group identified an initial interest in (1) assessing current and future conditions of the Mancos River, (2) identify stakeholder priorities, opportunities and concerns for future projects. On October 1, 2015 the group convened to review the state of the baseline information and knowledge of trends in the Mancos Watershed.

The group is currently identifying next steps that include:

  1. Drafting the “State of the Mancos River” to summarize the October 1 data sharing event and complete an assessment of the current conditions for existing data
  2. Develop a list of needed data and information to supplement baseline data
  3. Update the list of projects from the Mancos Watershed Plan that have been completed (Phases I-II)
  4. Plan for Phase III that would include future priorities for information (changes in community, vegetation, forests, and water supplies). 

On this webpage you will find meeting minutes, quick links, publications and materials and upcoming meeting information in the sidebar. Data and materials can be found or added to at the MRR drop box. If you would like to to post material, presentations or links on this webpage, email

October 1, 2015 meeting Notes


Please send Marcie your presentation to have it attached here and made available as meeting materials.

Session I

Resilience, Climate and a Changing World – Marcie Bidwell - presentation

Update on the Mancos River and Watershed – Ann Oliver - presentation

Mesa Verde National Park Science Update – Steve Monroe - presentation

MEVE – Ideas for Progress – George San Miguel - see notes

Reclamation in the East Fork - Kirstin Brown - Presentation

Riverine Ecology and the Value of the Mancos to UMU – Tomo Natori - See Notes

Trout Unlimited update - Duncan Rose - See notes

Session II

RSRA - Pete Stacey and Alison (Wild Utah) - See Notes